Vince Vaughn-Delivery Man-485
Photo by Jessica Miglio - © DreamWorks II Distribution Co.

Unlike most Hollywood remakes of foreign-language pictures, Delivery Man was made by the same filmmaker responsible for the French-Canadian hit Starbuck. Although many critics complained that his comedy was overly sentimental, audiences responded strongly. That’s why DreamWorks saw remake potential and hired Ken Scott to direct and revise the screenplay he originally wrote with Martin Petit.

Delivery Man is a perfect fit for Vince Vaughn as a likable, lifelong screw-up. He works in his family’s meat business (as an admittedly incompetent delivery man) and tries maintaining a relationship with a smart, attractive girlfriend (Cobie Smulders) who’s finally losing patience with his errant ways. When she learns that she’s pregnant, he tries to show her that he can be a responsible parent. This proves challenging when he simultaneously learns that his long-ago donations to a sperm bank have resulted in 533 children. They’re now young adults who want to know their biological father’s identity.

Chris Pratt is an amusing foil for Vaughn as his lawyer and best friend, while Polish actor Andrzej Blumenfeld brings gravitas (and a twinkle in his eye) to the role of Vaughn’s father, who loves him in spite of his many faults.

As escapist entertainment, Delivery Man isn’t bad, but it forces the viewer to surrender logic a bit too often on the way to its inevitable happy/sappy ending. If you like Vince Vaughn enough, you may be willing to overlook this handicap.