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Vintage film discoveries are in the news, from the unearthing of a long-lost 1911 Mary Pickford short to the unveiling of a Three Stooges two-reeler in Technicolor that hasn’t been seen in 80 years. As icing on the cake, Warner Home Video is about to unveil an extensive restoration of the studio’s landmark 3-D feature House of Wax on Blu-ray next week. Who knows what other goodies may be on the horizon?

This weekend at Manhattan’s Film Forum, the Vitaphone Project’s Ron Hutchinson will introduce the re-premiere of Hello Pop!, a 1933 MGM short starring Ted Healy and his Stooges in two-color Technicolor. This long-lost short was discovered in the hands of a private collector in Australia, whose 35mm nitrate print was in remarkably good condition. Warner Bros., which now owns the rights to the vintage MGM library, immediately undertook a restoration and agreed to make a 35mm projection print. 

Mary Picford-Their First Misunderstanding-400

The Film Forum show will include other rarities including Your Technocracy and Mine, a hilarious short made as a one-shot project by humorist Robert Benchley at Universal Pictures in 1933. For more information on this weekend’s show, click HERE

In other news, a long-lost Mary Pickford short from 1911 was discovered, along with a handful of other silent films, in a dilapidated New Hampshire barn. It turns out that Their First Misunderstanding has considerable significance: Pickford is credited with the story, which pairs her with her real-life newlywed husband, Owen Moore, and was made for Carl Laemmle’s IMP organization, which gave her official screen billing for the first time. I was asked to comment about this find for CBS Evening News this week; you can see that story HERE

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Finally, Warner Bros. has put a great deal of time, effort and money into a full-scale restoration of its 1953 3-D sensation House of Wax, which makes its debut this coming Tuesday. As always, Bob Furmanek’s 3-D website is the one-stop source for all relevant information about the original film, its impact at the time, and its “rebirth” under the watchful eye of Warners’ Vice President of Mastering, Ned Price. For all of that and more, click HERE.