Jane Wyman, Halloween

Here are some silly publicity photos of attractive actresses making faces to herald the arrival of Halloween. We begin with an unusual selection, as Jane Wyman was past the starlet phase when she took this picture at Warner Bros. to promote A Kiss in the Dark (1949). In fact, she’d just won an Academy Award for Johnny Belinda when she showed team spirit for the studio publicity department. At the outset of her career, when she was a blonde, Wyman took plenty of cheesecake shots at Warners, but she’d passed that stage when this photo was taken. Here are some others who showed off their figures for the sake of placement in prominent newspapers and magazines.

Clara Bow, Halloween

There’s no one more appealing in pictures like these than Clara Bow, the aptly-named “it” girl whose buoyant personality and radiant smile shone through in every picture she took, including this jack-o-lantern shot from the late 1920s. I’ll resist making the kind of trick-or-treat pun that probably was part of the original caption for this still.