Cheri Steinkellner-UCSB Interview
Courtesy of University of California Santa Barbara

One of the things I enjoy most is interviewing people, as I do during spring and fall semesters at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Rarely does anyone turn the table on me, but when Cheri Steinkellner invited me to be a guest in her class, at the University of California Santa Barbara, I couldn’t say no. I’ve known Cheri and her husband Bill since I moved to Los Angeles, when I first saw them do Instaplay with their improv comedy troupe. They went on to become successful comedy writers and producers on television and Broadway, with Emmy awards to their credit for their work on Cheers.

Cheri’s weekly class at UCSB introduces a large group of students to creative people from all aspects of show business and the world of communications, and as I learned, Cheri is a skillful interviewer. Her recent guests have included Disney studio chief Alan Horn, Fox executive Elizabeth Gabler, former studio head and independent producer Roger Birnbaum, Modern Family producer Dan O'Shannon, casting director Marci Liroff, writer-producer-blogger-bon vivant Mark Evanier, actress Laraine Newman and screenwriter Ed Solomon, to name a few.

The school has posted a video link of our entire two-hour conversation. If you have any interest in my background and experiences, we covered a lot of ground. Simply click HERE.

'Academy Originals'
AMPAS 'Academy Originals'

If you have no such interest, let me recommend another, much shorter, piece: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has begun producing a series of videos, and this is my favorite so far. Comedian/actor Patton Oswalt is given the chance to choose any film from the vast Academy archive and screen a 35mm print for himself and a friend. If you’re curious about his choice, and want to vicariously experience a private screening at the New Beverly Theatre in Los Angeles, click HERE.