The Strain-Corey Stoll-1
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Guest post by Darwyn Carson - Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll) AKA Eph. Chief Medical Officer for Centers of Disease Control New York branch; he’s really-really good at his job, but he’s never handled a pathogen like this. His skills and those of his fellow Canary team CDC members, Nora Martinez and Jim Kent, will be pushed beyond their limits.

The Strain-Mia Maestro-1
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Biochemist Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro) Eph’s second-in-command and his right-hand “man,” she’s one of two that has his back.  Very sharp, but more than that she has a no-guts-no glory attitude and an inner intuition which she keeps in check. Both traits could be to her benefit or detriment depending on the situation in which she finds herself.

The Strain-Sean Astinn-1
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Jim Kent (Sean Astin) The third member of the CDC Canary team and the techie “Barney” of the group. He enters the fray head-on with his group and supports Eph at every turn. A good man to have at your back.

The Strain-David Bradley-1
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley) An elderly Armenian who’s seen and fought this thing before… a long-long time ago on another continent. He vows, this time, to see The Master defeated forever. He has the knowledge, drive and experiences, but he could use a little help. Will he be able to make anyone believe him, or will they think he’s an old man going senile? The CDC may take advantage of what he knows just a little too late.   

The Strain-Kevin Durand
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand), pest exterminator extraordinaire, with a heart of gold for cats, kids and nice people and a heart of steel for all others. Critters don’t scare him and venturing out on a guess… his acquired knowledge and exterminator skills will be put to good use. This is a guy to love and to have on your side in the battle to come.

Richard Sammel - Thomas Eichorst
Photo by Frank Ockenfel - Courtesy of FX

Thomas Eichorst (Richard Sammel) is chief lieutenant to the Master. It was during World War II that he was turned into a being who exists in the in-between. That was also when he first encountered Setrakian. Fiercely loyal to the Master, he takes joy in taunting those he bribes to aide them, in their quest to infiltrate New York City and beyond.

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Eldritch Palmer Jonathan Hyde-1-
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) has been in ill health for a number of years. As the owner of the illustrious Stoneheart Group, he has an awful lot of money and power, but the one thing he wants the most, a sound body, has remained out of reach…. up to now.

Augustin Elizalde - Miguel Gomez
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Augustin Elizalde (Miguel Gomez) AKA Gus. Spending time in the Big House served to sharpen his street smarts. Never one to back down from a fight, he often seems to be searching for one. Nothing scares him except perhaps those things unseen that go bump in the night. His main weakness would be his loyalty to family and his no excuses love for his mom.

Jack Kesy as Gabriel Bolivar
Photo by Frank Ockenfels - Courtesy of FX

Gabriel Bolivar (Jack Kesy) he is one of the four survivors from the plane. An internationally known satanic type rock star, “drugs, sex and rock and roll” was probably his daily mantra. After the plane incident his preoccupations will take a different direction.