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Silents Soar In San Francisco

Leonard Maltin By Leonard Maltin | Leonard Maltin July 18, 2012 at 1:00AM

How many times can I learn the same lesson? I was going to skip a Sunday morning showing of Douglas Fairbanks’ 'The Mark of Zorro' at this year’s San Francisco Silent Film Festival. After all, I know the movie by heart; I owned an 8mm print of it when I was a kid. But my wife and I arrived at the Castro Theatre in time to catch the last half-hour and decided to go inside the darkened auditorium.
Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat, as he appeared on screen in Jungle Bungles. 


Informative illustrated slide shows prepare the audience for each upcoming program, in this case SOUTH, the story of the Shackleton expedition to Antarctica.

Silents Soar at San Francisco Silent Film Festival

  • EYE Film Instituut Nederland
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    The Spanish Dancer

    Pola Negri (Gypsy fortune teller), Antonio Moreno (Don Cesar de Bazan) (1923)
  • Photofest: New York
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    The Docks of New York

    Betty Compson, George Bancroft (1928)
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    Pandora's Box

    Louise Brooks as Lulu (1929)
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    The Canadian

    Starring Thomas Meighan and Mona Palma (1926) 'The Canadian' was adapted from W. Somerset Maugham's 'The Land of Promise'
  • Alpha-Omega Digital GmbH
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    The Loves of Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Amenes portrayed by Emil Jannings (1922)

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