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Throwback Thursday: Cecil B. DeMille in Person

Leonard Maltin By Leonard Maltin | Leonard Maltin August 7, 2014 at 12:38AM

Throwback Thursday—Cecil B. DeMille was more than a filmmaker; the consummate showman thought nothing of hitting the road to amp-up the box office.
Cecil B. DeMille hits the road

What better way to promote a movie playing in Los Angeles than by announcing a personal appearance by its director and stars?

It’s a ploy that still works, judging by recent showings of Boyhood and Calvary here in LA. In 1938 there was no more famous a filmmaker in America than Cecil B. DeMille. Not only did the veteran showman appear onscreen in promotional trailers for his films; he came into millions of American homes every week as the host of the hugely popular radio show: Lux Radio Theater.  He was, in fact, the only director of this period to become a household name — a status that only a few filmmakers can claim. So if the box office returns for his latest was sagging a bit he had no hesitation about beating the drums in person, and bringing along some of his (less stellar) actors as well. 

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