Throwback Thursday-Garbo-John Wayne-Laurel&Hardy

Welcome to a new weekly feature where we’ll be reprinting vintage movie ads. I can’t get enough of these, and I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm as we step back in time. Today we visit San Jose, California for a pair of ads that appeared some months apart: on the left, from August of 1935, John Wayne takes second billing to Laurel & Hardy in his first starring feature for Republic Pictures. (In fact, Westward Ho! was the very first Republic release.) The second ad is from Christmas week of 1934 at another Fox Theatre in downtown San Jose. The Garbo film played on a single bill, but the short subjects got notice in the ad lest anyone think they weren’t getting their money’s worth. And see how MGM promoted Garbo’s wardrobe by Adrian, clearly appealing to female moviegoers.