By Michael Lerman | "Lincoln Blogs" by Michael Lerman March 14, 2007 at 2:19AM


I was speaking to a distributor recently about the year that Josh Braun has had, quickly rising to become one of the major players in the world of film sales. At Sundance, he sold two of the major documentaries, My Kid Could Paint That and In the Shadow of the Moon, for over a million dollars each (Moon for over two), at least one of which, if not both, sans the TV rights. Given that documentaries traditionally make less money for distributors than narratives, just as theatrical sales make less money than TV, this is quite an impressive feat, especially for that amount.

On a panel centered on theatrical distribution that took place a couple of days ago, Tom Quinn, Head of Acquisitions for Magnolia Pictures, said “One of my favorite sellers is Josh Braun. Even if we don’t buy them all, I love everything he reps.” At the awards ceremony last night, all three of Braun’s premieres took home prizes:

Audience of One – Special Jury Prize, Documentary
Cat Dancers – Special Jury Prize, Documentary
Run Granny Run – Audience Award, Documentary

I would put forth that when trying to pick films at a festival, now and in the future, finding the ones with Braun attached as a seller would be a good bet.