are we human, or are we douchebag?

by mattdentler
January 4, 2009 7:45 AM
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The modern douchebag has been peppered in reality TV for years now, probably starting with Eric Nies on the original season of The Real World. There have been douchebag industries born out of this pop culture fascination, stuff like Girls Gone Wild or douchebags-in-training like the series Pick-Up Artist. While Pick-Up Artist held the honor of being a douchebag in high regard, the contestants were at least sweet guys who were just ill-advised.


(Brody Jenner, foreground, drops some knowledge on potential bro's.)

Now, the world has a television program that celebrates all that is douchebag. This is Brody Jenner's new MTV reality show, Bromance. Modeled after Paris Hilton's My New BFF series, Jenner's program revolves around a competition where douchebags from around the country compete for the honor of being his new bro. One of the expert judges is called "Sleazy T." Some of the competitions include a "bro-athalon," where they do things like use inflatable dolls to race across a swimming pool. They challenge each other with who can out-douche the group, and it truly is one of the stupidest things to ever make it to television.

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  • GloryG | January 25, 2009 10:00 AMReply

    You probably aren't keeping up with the other VH1 show, Confessions of a Teen Idol, nor should you (seriously), but Eric Nies just explained how he washes his hair with urine. So still a douche. And if nothing else, hope this would cheer you up while you're recovering from your fractured rib - hope it heals up soon.