Denver Film Festival Under Siege - UPDATED

By mattdentler | Matt Dentler's Blog June 4, 2009 at 3:27AM

Denver Film Festival Under Siege - UPDATED

UPDATED: It appears the situation was resolved over the weekend.

News hit late Wednesday night that the Denver Film Festival and its parent organization, the Denver Film Society, are going through a tough episode. indieWIRE broke the news that 20 members of the festival, society, and film center staff submitted their resignations. Included in those 20, are the well-known faces of the organization: Britta Erickson, Brit Withey, and Ron Henderson. There are conflicting reports about why this has happened, but it doesn't take a genius to infer that there's dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

I've attended the festival over the last two years. It's a terrific event, full of great programming and amazing hospitality. What will this mean for the future of the Denver Film Festival? The organization has gained massive attention in recent years, as it played a very important role during the local Democratic National Convention. The historic event was the subject of a documentary (produced by Erickson) premiering at festivals this month. The director of that documentary, AJ Schnack, weighs in with his observations on the scene in the Mile High city.

This could resolve itself in any number of ways. As a fan of the festival, the personnel, and regional film communities, I just hope all the best intentions live to see another day.