Five New Albums Worth Your Dime

by mattdentler
September 18, 2010 8:55 AM
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1. Blonde Redhead, Penny Sparkle
(Brooklyn trio's eighth studio album recedes on a lot of their recent rock, favoring an album full of delicate harmonies and dreamier dream pop.)

2. Underworld, Barking
(A return to form! This pioneering UK electro duo has made their best album in many years. If you had given up on them, make sure you listen to their latest.)

3. Interpol, Interpol
(They've transitioned from quartet to trio, and there is an absent quality to the arrangements here, but Interpol nevertheless brings the brooding goods for their fourth LP.)

4. Robert Plant, Band of Joy
(Led Zeppelin's iconic lead singer delivers his latest solo album, only this time it's with an Americana mood and a new set of players. Among them, country-rock singer Patty Griffin and singer-songwriter Buddy Miller. The result is immensely gratifying, and a perfect fit for Plant's honey-soaked voice.)

5. Azure Ray, Drawing Down The Moon
(For their first new album in six years, this hazey/dazey duo takes a leap forward with a collection of lulluaby-appropriate pop tunes.)

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1 Comment

  • Demian Hernandez | September 21, 2010 3:41 AMReply

    Blondie Redhead have really solidified their style. The emotion of her signature melancholic melody is backed up by the twins' soft electroshock arrangement. Penny Sparkle is a valiant expression–a risky but usual approach by a group that clearly has evolved their vision and will convince their following.