Who Should Play Amanda Knox in a Biopic?

Amanda Knox has a new memoir out called "Waiting to Be Heard." She had a ballyhooed interview with ABC News' Diane Sawyer and has continued to make the media rounds to promote her book.

With Hayden Panettiere in the title role, Lifetime attracted 2.8 million viewers with Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy in 2011. Clearly there is an appetite for a movie about Knox. Now, with the book, her media visibility and a call for a retrial in the murder case in Italy, the public will want another film about her.

Inevitably, we will see a major Hollywood motion picture about Amanda. She's ideal for one of the genre because she is fresh-faced but sinister and still only 25. The ultimate question will probably always hang over her. Did she do it? We'll never really know, will we? That is what intrigue us more than anything else.

What lucky actress should get the role of a lifetime? I went on Facebook and asked my friends to help me. Here is what we came up with (in no particular order):

-- Hayden Panettiere (obviously)

-- Anna Kendrick

-- Kate Mara

-- Amanda Peet

-- Emma Stone

-- Emma Watson

-- Scarlett Johansson

-- Jennifer Lawrence

-- Jessica Chastain

-- Emily VanCamp

MEDIA MATRIX QUESTION: Who did I leave out or forget?

Please feel free to leave your answer here.