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Six Ideas To Put Life Back Into Ailing 'Meet The Press'

Jon Friedmans Media Matrix By Jon Friedman | Jon Friedmans Media Matrix July 28, 2014 at 4:45PM

Six ideas to breathe life back into ailing "Meet the Press."

Fixing Ailing Meet the Press

Suddenly, "venerable" can be a dirty word on television news. If a show is described as being "venerable," it cold be a code word for "relic."

Take venerable "Meet the Press," which is slipping in the TV ratings and getting blasted by media critics for the performance of anchor David Gregory.

I have six suggestions to make Meet the Press relevant again. The show needs to go for broke and shake things up, to give it an appearance of being in touch with viewers -- especially young ones. I wrote this for MarketWatch and it applies here as well: