Berlinale iPOP Extra: Who is this??

By brian | Poverty Jetset February 12, 2010 at 1:57AM

Berlinale iPOP Extra: Who is this??

The Berlinale opened tonight with Wang Quan'an's "Apart Together," and the crowd headed over for the after-party at Cafe Moscow in the heart of East Berlin near Alexander Platz (24 Karl Marx Alle). It's a great venue, and it once was a terrific gay club on Sunday nights that Berlinale attendees who were so inclined used to go to for a bit of a late night blow out. But, it's latest manifestation was opening night. On our way in, the Photogs went nuts for this good looking couple. We weren't sure who they were, so if anyone can enlighten us, much appreciated.

Sticking to tradition, the Berlinale opening offered food from various Berlin restaurants. Cafe Moscow had three levels, including a disco in the basement (well remembered btw) and the two main levels had food for the taking. This particular round of food was right out of my great grandmother's kitchen (she was born and grew up here) and I so remembered it from growing up. Red cabbage and roast beef. I don't usually eat roast beef, but I just had to have a taste to throw it back to the past.

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