SXSW Outtakes

By brian | Poverty Jetset March 14, 2009 at 11:30AM

SXSW Outtakes

iPOP Outtakes:

Outside Austin's Paramount Theatre Friday night for the SXSW Film Festival opening night film, "I Love You, Man." In the foreground you can see John Sloss, while Paul Rudd and Jason Segal work the red carpet...

The cast of "I Love You, Man" doing their obligatory pose outside the Paramount Theatre before the premiere of their film, which kicked off SXSW Friday night.

The cast on stage following the screening of "I Love You, Man" with John Favreau flashing a peace sign. I personally would love to do a re-make of the film and call it, "I Love You, Paul Rudd!!"