Spielberg E.T. Finger
Spielberg Indy finale
Spielberg Color Purple art
Spielberg E.T. Sunshot
Spielberg Indy father and son tied to chair
Spielberg E.T. moonshot
Spielberg Close Encounter ship over mountain
Spielberg Spielberg portrait

MAGIC & LIGHT: THE FILMS OF STEVEN SPIELBERG premieres Dec. 15 at Press Play. Check out these eye-popping title cards. As they used to say of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS trading cards back in the '70s, collect them all!

[Editor's note: These are graphics designed by Boke Yuzgen to promote the Press Play original video essay series Magic and Light: The Films of Steven Spielberg, which will premiere Dec. 15 on this site. The series is produced by Matt Zoller Seitz and Ali Arikan and narrated by Arikan. It brings the talents of many Press Play contributors together on a single project.  The individual chapters are written by Seitz, Arikan, Simon Abrams and Aaron Aradillas, and edited by Steven Santos, Matt Zoller Seitz, Richard Seitz, Kevin B. Lee and Serena Bramble.]