by Jed Mayer and Ken Cancelosi
July 2, 2013 8:35 AM
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July is going to be a scary month in the cineplex: horror (or at least scary) movies set to be released in the coming weeks range from V/H/S/2 to The Conjuring to Apartment 1303 to Frankenstein's Army: as a sort of hat-tip to all of these movies coming out during the rainy, hazy, steamy days of summer, Press Play is presenting a three-part video essay series called Siding with the Victim, about the ways in which identifying with the hapless ones in horror films, the ones who do go into the basement/behind the creaky door/into the woods without a flashlight/into the attic and who don't ever look behind them, is a crucial part of what makes these films so compelling. We'll look at The Shining, Halloween, Rosemary's Baby, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and countless other chilling films...

And here, for your consideration, is a tantalizing trailer. Watch it--if you dare!

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1 Comment

  • PETE | July 11, 2013 7:43 PMReply

    Can't get any better then this--AWESOME Editing as usual.. Keep it up DUDE!

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