"When we first announced the 'Vertigoed' contest, we didn't even consider that online viral videos might be great fodder for a mash-up. Kudos to Joseph Carson for thinking out of the box and finding a subject even creepier than Scotty Ferguson to set to Bernard Herrmann's obsessive strains. Extra points for being the only video not to use the crescendoing sections of 'Scene d'Amour,' opting instead for the more tranquil opening section. Used here, its subtle sinister undertones
bubble to the surface. Love ya, baby girl!" -- Press Play editor-in-chief Kevin B. Lee

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: When Press Play received this entry into our Vertigoed mash-up contest, it arrived without any explanation or context. We assumed it was either some misguided kid trying to impress his girlfriend or he was trying to punk us. We were wrong. This is our first entry to use an established viral video as its source and the result speaks for itself. We have included the original viral video — uploaded by some kid with the YouTube name Magmaflower — and the video by Joseph Carson which adds Bernard Herrmann's music.]