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From L'ALDILA (THE BEYOND) : The sense of decay and things long dead brought to life is even more palpable in Frizzi’s best-known score, created for another Fulci film, L’Aldila (The Beyond, 1981). Though created two years after Zombie 2, this soundtrack sounds older, at times ancient, thanks to the dramatic use of (live) choral singers. This later production wears its rock influences more loudly than its predecessor, the nimble drum and dead-cool fretless bass-lines infuses the often-Wagnerian heaviness of the compositions with a welcome dose of funk. The mellotron remains a haunting presence, as are early analog synthesizers, but now the sounds are more crypto than techno. Where Steve Reich was an obvious influence on the repetitive, slowly building song structures of Zombie 2, here the deft counterpoint almost suggests an undead Bach.

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