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EVERLASTING MOMENTS is ripe for a Hollywood remake

By rania | Week of Wonders March 4, 2009 at 8:12AM

EVERLASTING MOMENTS is ripe for a Hollywood remake

I'm not usually a Hollywood booster, but Jan Troell's Swedish Everlasting Moments could benefit from a studio makeover. This early 1900s true story follows an abused wife, Maria, (with a gaggle of kids that would make the Octo-mom proud) who develops (!) an interest in photography that leads to a new lease on life.

The period drama opens this weekend and is absolutely worth seeing for Maria Heiskanen's tour-de-force performance as Maria...and yet...

I can imagine an even more satisfying film with a little more romance, a little less abuse, and an in-depth look at photography/cameras from the time period. And a shorter run time.

I can also see Julia Roberts as the star, since she was great as a photographer in Closer (2004).

Hey, it's not like Hollywood is overflowing with great women's stories, and this one could benefit from a studio's magic dust.

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