Foreign film fun: Akin's SOUL KITCHEN

by rania
August 31, 2010 1:50 AM
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Adam Bousdoukos and Moritz Bleibtreu play the Kazantsakis brothers in Soul Kitchen.

If you're looking for some summer fun, I highly recommend the hilarious new food-and-music-loving film by Fatih Akin, the Turkish-German director of Head-On, Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul, and The Edge of Heaven. Once again, I wasted no time in procuring the soundtrack to an Akin film, this time within hours of seeing (hearing) it at the Tribeca Film Festival.

A few weeks ago I sat in a Soho hotel with my new iTouch for an interview with Akin, who sported a 3 day stubble and a penetrating, dark-eyed gaze. Painfully, sadly, my interview was eaten by the device, due to an Apple malfunction that hours of research and a team of "geniuses" couldn't resolve.

What I remember is that Akin told me foodie films Big Night and Eat Drink Man Woman inspired the screenplay he wrote with Greek-German actor Adam Bousdoukos, his best friend since high school. It co-stars Head-On lead, Birol √únel (considered by some as a modern Klaus Kinski) as a knife-throwing snobbish chef in the tale of a restaurant owner (played by Bousdoukos) doing whatever it takes to save his business from closing. Akin hinted at difficulties working with the "wild and free" √únel, but hesitated to call him a "Kinski." The story takes place in the German town of Wilhelmsberg, an enclave Akin said is coincidentally reminiscent of hipster-gentrifying Williamsburg, New York.

I told Akin that I thought he had a rock 'n' roll directing style. "I'd rather be a jazz filmmaker," he countered, "It's all about controlling the rhythm of my films."

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