MPAA Theatrical Market Statistics: You will be shocked when you see these stats on women filmgoers

by rania
March 18, 2010 9:35 AM
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Last week, the MPAA released the 2009 Theatrical Market Statistics. My jaw dropped on Page 17.

Breakout: Attendance by Gender--

Women buy a higher percentage of movie tickets (55%, or 778 million tickets) than they represent of
the population (51%), and more than men buy (45%).

A higher percentage of women than men are moviegoers in all categories of frequency. In total, there
are 113 million female moviegoers, compared to 104 million male moviegoers.

Women also have higher attendance per capita (4.7 tickets per year) and attendance per moviegoer
(6.9 tickets per year) averages than men.

I feel snookered.

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