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Rania's Top Ten for 2010- Including debut features by 3 female directors

By rania | Week of Wonders December 30, 2010 at 3:19AM

Rania's Top Ten for 2010- Including debut features by 3 female directors

1. Dogtooth by Yorgos (aka Giorgos) Lanthimos A blast of fresh air in the art house.

2. The King’s Speech by Tom Hooper Elegantly written. Beautifully executed. Stop the backlashing!

3. Peepli Live*** by Anusha Rizvi Entertaining take on a serious social issue.

4. Nowhere Boy*** by Sam Taylor Wood Sumptuous treat for the senses. Spectacular female performances.

5. Life During Wartime by Todd Solondz A simple equation: Solondz = Genius.

6. Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin A succulent soundtrack heightens the fun.

7. Exploding Girl by Bradley Rust Gray Memorable mood piece.

8. The Runaways*** by Floria Sigismondi An exuberant ride.

9. Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 by Jean-François Richet A tone poem on audacity.

10. Coco & Igor by Jan Kounen It had me at "The Rite of Spring" riot.

***Debut feature by emerging female auteur

05-07-11: UPDATE- I had not seen Cairo Time when I made this list. The film stars Patricia Clarkson as an American woman who experiences the Egyptian city as sensuous and exotic, and is directed by emerging female auteur, Ruba Nadda. It would have been in the Top Ten.

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