$12.4 million < $122.2 million OR When Bad Things Happen to Bad People

by filmenthusiast2000
July 27, 2005 5:44 AM
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Q- What could be more painful than sitting through Michael Bay's Soylent Green/ Matrix/ Gattaca mash-up, The Island, a painful bit of quasi-philosophical twaddle which takes place in a "What if?" world where a stem-cell mad John Kerry/ Christopher Reeves ticket won the 2004 election; a movie whose dress code-as-signal-of-mass conformity vision might've meant something in, say, 1928's The Crowd, at the dawn of brownshirt fascism, but which is just about as un-nuanced, irrelevant, and revolutionary in this more subtly insidious "business casual" era as, well, the Nike "Revolution" campaign.

A- Hearing John Frankenheimer's smirking bastard spawn after his latest massive dump has sunk, whining that his vision was too dark or complex for John Q. Popcorn.

"Audiences just aren't ready for the places I can take them"

I just know this scenario is playing out in a beach house somewhere.

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  • James Cottn | July 27, 2005 11:32 AMReply

    This guy is just an idiot, like 70 percent of the population. that's why his shit is so popular. get over it, already

  • pinky666 | July 27, 2005 10:39 AMReply

    You guys are so right on the money. since when did shooting a helicopter chase make anyone an artist. MB needs to learn this simple montra -- Mind > Ego.

  • clarencecarter | July 27, 2005 6:10 AMReply

    You guys are being WAY too harsh. No one films helicopter chase sequences like Michael Bay - no one. Could Bresson have made this movie? Certainly not. And he definitely didn't get as many BJ's as MB.