Battle In Heaven

by mjr
March 14, 2006 10:25 AM
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I'm a little surprised that people are still throwing hissy fits over The New World (toward which I, like Hoberman, remain an agnostic), so I thought I'd give a holler to—and perhaps get this blog to start talking about—Carlos Reygadas's grotesque, mesmerizing Battle in Heaven, which is so far the best film of the year. Since Bruno Dumont has abandoned his discomfiting Christian vision, Reygadas has seemingly picked it up, creating flesh-tormented passion plays of erotic and thanatotic intensity out of unforgettable compositions and environments. And this while hypersensitizing perception through unique plays on sound and image. I see now that the film has left the City—I can't wait for it to return sometime, even though it might very well in some future fever dream.