Beyond the Rim

by robbiefreeling
October 3, 2006 7:11 AM
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Shortbus: Making butt-munching palatable for mainstream America

Is it damning a film with faint praise at this point to call it "one of the best American films of the year"? Yes, it is. Nevertheless, despite all of its loose ends, abrupt solutions, and easy emotional outlets, Shortbus just coasts on sensory overload. Engaging and swift, with a nice, lived-in New York feel, Shortbus isn't Hedwig's equal, but it sure ain't no sophomore slump. It would be nice if orgasmic eruption could solve all of our profound psychological depressions, but take Mitchell's ass-eating opus at face value, and just sit back and enjoy its momentary sexual pleasures. Read more about the film, and its kinky highs and lows, here at our weekly indieWIRE Reverse Shot round-up.

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