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By mjr | REVERSEBLOG: the reverse shot blog September 29, 2008 at 6:45AM

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Since most contributors to and readers of ReverseBlog are wise enough not to follow professional sports and thus will never understand what it is like to have your heart broken and soul shattered by a team you have rooted for and practically poured your life's energy into for your entire existence on this miserable, godforsaken, soon-to-be-nuked-into-oblivion-by-an-Alaskan-imbecile earth, I offer this short film clip to expressly demonstrate the physical equivalent of the last two years of watching the New York Mets:

I plan to write soon a full review of the 2008 season and the last, fittingly excruciating game ever played at Shea Stadium (yes, as a devoted masochist I had to be there), when I'm in a less hurt and enraged state of mind. Until then, god help us all.

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