Everything Is ?

by clarencecarter
September 30, 2005 2:58 AM
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clarencecarter: so, Everything is Illuminated. wow. I really loved it
robbiefreeling: liar
clarencecarter: Liev is a major new talent
robbiefreeling: it's like The Garden State of Ukraine
clarencecarter: impressive, you really saw right through me on that
robbiefreeling: because I saw it too, clarence
robbiefreeling: it's garbage
robbiefreeling: and there's no way around it
clarencecarter: amen

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  • robbiefreeling | September 30, 2005 3:17 AMReply

    Can we please put a moratorium on introducing characters with cool freeze frames that occur in media punch? Liev Schreiber, whose direction is as hammy as his theater-honed acting style, must have taken a page from the Guy Ritchie handbook...is it really necessary in a gentle tale of culture clash (which i guess is what it is) to pummel the audience with swift cool POW WOW intros? Oh well, an interesting book becomes just another movie about kooky foreigners. And what's with Elijah Wood's constant incredulous grimace? I

    Elijah (pre shooting): So, Liev, I think I should play him as eternally constipated...I mean, there's really nothing in the script for me to latch onto, no nuance, no change....so how about I just haven't shat in like ten years. But we keep it just between us...

    Liev (pauses): Yes....yes. Go for it.

    Elijah: I'm gonna go plug up right now and get going!!