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by filmenthusiast2000
January 11, 2007 10:17 AM
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"The Best Scenes from The Wicker Man"

This is the sort of thing that makes me look a little silly when I earnestly defend Nic Cage as maybe the best all-around American screen actor of the last 20 years.

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  • Matt Singer | January 13, 2007 9:56 AMReply

    I saw the movie in the theater and unless I was simply laughing too hard to see it, I don't think that thing with "THE BEES!" (Is that a Simpsons reference?) was in the theatrical cut from the movie.

    The crazy thing is the rest of the crap WAS in the movie.

  • Keith Uhlich | January 13, 2007 12:40 AMReply

    Admittedly, Leelee Sobieski's had that ass-kicking a long time comin'.

  • brevitytheenemy | January 12, 2007 7:52 AMReply

    Here's the real howler, though: watch the "unrated" version's final scene (you know, the one with the actual Wicker Man), then instantly watch the theatrical release's shortened version of same. Unrestrained laughter for hours guaranteed.

    "My legs! My legs!"

  • mjr | January 12, 2007 4:37 AMReply

    Why was the original so good? Hmmm, maybe because it didn't have Edward Woodward IN A BEAR COSTUME DECKING A WOMAN. Just a thought.

  • afraid | January 12, 2007 12:09 AMReply

    Amazing. I must see this - without realising it, it may have been better than 'Snakes on a Plane'.

    "Step away from the bike!"

  • Keith Uhlich | January 11, 2007 10:59 AMReply

    "Not the bees!!! My eyes!!!! My eyes!!!!!"

    Oh my god... I usually don't LOL. But this time I LOL'd while ROTFLMAO.