Moron Movies

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Moron Movies

But seriously, have you guys watched these?

Oddly available in every video store in North America circa 1992, even in this information-saturated internet age, it's difficult to get straight answers on Moron Movies. Len Cella, a gray, drab middle-aged man living an apparently very solitary life, acts, directs, and crews these flaccidly-punchlined, one-joke shorts. Forget Jandek; if you want to stare nakedly into the face of hermetic isolation, Len Cella will show you heretofore-unknown depths of human horror. A sample skit: a crude title card reads 'How to Aggravate.' Cella, most likely in a distressed white tee-shirt, appears on screen. He bangs trash can lids together with his feet, then says, in a dull, dead voice: "Does that aggravate you? Huh? Hahahahaha!" The closest he comes to a catchphrase is a deflated sounding, hands in the air "Jesus Christ!"

Apparently these first popped up on the Carson 'Tonight Show' in 1968, were a regular feature thereafter, then eventually surfaced on 'TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes' as 'Len Cella's Silly Cinema.' Some sources suggest that Cella, a former house-painter, is a Philadelphia native, though if memory serves I'd concluded that 'Moron Movies' were filmed in Scranton--maybe that just seemed fitting. Philadelphia City Paper, covering the premiere of his opus 'Crap' (as recently as 2002!) identifies him as a native of Broomall, and then other sources identify the basement of the Lansdowne Theatre in Lansdowne, PA as his onetime home. At any rate, I guess I'm glad to learn that Len is still (so far as I can tell) alive and still doing... What he does.

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