NY Times Title Game

By clarencecarter | REVERSEBLOG: the reverse shot blog July 1, 2005 at 5:49AM

NY Times Title Game

For those newcomers to the Reverse Shot blog, this weekly column pays tribute to the wonderful article titling abilities of everyone's favorite big-city maybe-liberal daily paper. Below are the titles of ten articles, your task is to pick the four that head real movie reviews. Without peeking. Someday we may give prizes for this.

1. Amid the Pulp, a Meditation on Fathers, Sons and the Ties That Choke
2. A Scary Crash, a Thwarted Deal and Then Plan B
3. Voice of the Boss and a Voice of Reason
4. Reluctant Coach, Bad Team and, of Course, Redemption
5. When Preaching Globalized Ethics Is Just Corporate P.R.
6. A Place in the Mood for Anything
7. Senate Approves Central American Free Trade Pact
8. How a Japanese Master Enlightened the West
9. A Story of Unusual Love, Minus All the Complications
10. A Riddle of a Romance Stricken by a Different Kind of Love Bug

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