Ode to <i>Joy</i>

By robbiefreeling | REVERSEBLOG: the reverse shot blog September 19, 2006 at 12:14PM

Ode to Joy


Something rather special is finally coming your way. It seems rote to criticize the summer movie doldrums and whine about big budgets, sequels and remakes, the need for bigger-faster-better…but let’s face it, there’s been some serious critical apathy this year, and we’ve been fairly guilty of it as well. I mean, The Descent was good and all (certainly the best underground freakish cave-dwelling bat-men movie of 2006 so far), but it still left us craving a little something more. Enter Kelly Reichardt. We brought you a preview of her gentle, melancholy Old Joy right here on this blog way back in February, and now it’s finally hitting New York theaters, so if you’re around these parts, we’ve been telling you to see it for SEVEN MONTHS!! Now, on the occasion of its release, we offer to you an an interview with Reichardt from staff writer Vicente Rodriguez-Ortega on the main site, as well as a weekly indieWIRE three-way devoted to the film. Touching, restrained, quietly political, yet surprisingly unburdened by strict aestheticization, Old Joy is simply a pleasure. Read on….