Poster of the Week

by robbiefreeling
November 7, 2008 6:03 AM
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[whispered] In case you haven't noticed, this film is [screaming] DELICATE! Delicate like the wings of the titular "dragonfly," in fact, as the poster helpfully informs us. Identically named, and apparently, as similarly "unforgettable" as Kevin Costner's recent foray into sudsy sub-Shyamalan supernatural shammery, this sweet little who-knows (certainly not I) is evidently from none other than Gilbert Cates—yes that Gilbert Cates, the one who's produced the Oscar telecast since 1990, the year that drove Miss Daisy to the Piggly Wiggly and millions of viewers to scratch their own eyes out. "Another dud from Beau Bridges!" yelled the top imdb comment as I did further research, which then had me trying to recall Beau Bridges films that don't also feature Jeff Bridges (I just came up with one: Norma Rae! Further discussion one day about that film's infamously chipper poster, which has always struck me as inappropriate for a somewhat gritty film about union organizing.)

But not to get off topic: Dragonfly is "a story of love (with a young and presumably bug-eyed as ever Susan Sarandon) and fear" (does a dragonfly the size of a Hawmp swoop down and eat them? Or at least lop off Beau's head like Q: the Winged Serpent in mid-kiss?) I'm guessing the title is more metaphorical, judging by the PG rating and the general heart-shaped locket feel of the poster. In fact, my bets are on the narrative revolving on a dragonfly-shaped brooch or necklace, given to Susan S. the last fateful summer before reality came crashing in. Or something. Too bad I'll never be able to find out, as this chestnut (file it maybe under Sensitive, Brooding Backwater Romances) seems to be unavailable; that's unfortunate, since this poster, with its barely discernible shadow figures and morose grays, really had my pulse racing.


  • Jeff Gerber | November 18, 2008 6:34 AMReply

    They don't call him "Beau" for nothing.

  • the rifleman | November 17, 2008 8:36 AMReply

    Your 'poster of the week' posts present a hot button subject for debate.

    Which scintillating leading man oozes more raw sex appeal, Beau Bridges in DRAGONFLY or Jim Belushi in TRACES OF RED?

    Put me in the Belushi camp. Those rough auto mechanic's hands holding tightly as if to the steering wheel of a '69 Camaro SS...the acrid smell of man musk mingling wildly with splashes of Brut 33 by Faberge in the impenetrable patches of neck, chest, and back hair pressed tightly against doughy white flesh by a too-tight black t-shirt, squeaking against the freshly polished vinyl seat of that aforementioned '69 Camaro SS...Foreigner's HOT BLOODED on the radio.