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by robbiefreeling
December 5, 2008 8:45 AM
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Raise your hand if you miss Dan Aykroyd comedy vehicles! Yeah! Hey, hello? Hey.... hello? [sound of crickets] Ok, then how about a big round of applause for Kim Basinger movies? Anyone? Is anyone reading this? [a cold breeze blows by]. What, no love for Dr. Detroit or Nadine? For this one, the deadpan king of sci-fi-comedy and the future Oscar-winner (!) were paired together at last (and we do mean last), and it still didn't make many waves. Then again, circa 1988 it was pretty hard to tell this apart from Teen Alien, Dr. Alien, that remake of Invasion from Mars, Earth Girls Are Easy, or No Mercy.

Unlike most of the other Poster of the Week entries, I think I may have seen this one. I recall being at once tickled and nonplussed by Basinger's eyeball-sprouting pocketbook, which I recall looked a lot like that thing that pops out of the quicksand of junk in Star Wars, but was even less cute. Bonus points for future Buffy stars Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan as kids freaked out by stepmom's seeming inability to dress in anything but weirdly otherworldly tight miniskirts, and for the requisite Jon Lovitz supporting appearance. Confusion: imdb credits Harry Shearer as the "voice of Carl Sagan." Seriously, WTF? Might be worth another rental. Hello, Vestron Video!


  • Stephen | December 8, 2008 4:07 AMReply

    Tough to follow toad's comment, but rf/mk, sometimes I get the feeling that we experienced pretty much the same childhood/adolescence/coming-of-age.

  • toad the dry sprocket | December 7, 2008 5:59 AMReply

    this movie is really cool it kind of predicts everything that were going through right now in terms of stepmothers and aliens.