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by robbiefreeling
June 19, 2009 5:34 AM
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What?! Spanish auteur Bigas Luna's Anguish, starring Zelda Rubenstein and Michael Lerner?! From 1987? In which Poltergeist's own Tangina apparently collects the eyeballs of her fellow city-dwellers and glues them to her wall like a uniform key-rack? Yes, apparently before making those Spanish-language faves Ham, Ham and The Tit and the Moon, Luna roped the oft-exploited Ms. Rubenstein for this ghastly bit of business, and to add insult to injury, made her wear a ratty old shawl that in this poster takes on the weight of football shoulder padding. Unlike many of our woebegone posters of the week, this one seems to have its imdb supporters, and we won't say we're not intrigued, but we're also a bit turned off by mean little Zelda's tight-lipped stare and odd hand gestures (what is she reaching for?). Nevertheless, I'll give the final word to a Netflix subscriber review (and no, it's not yet available from them): "The film rapidly slides into a grade 'Z' horror wannabe. The little lady from 'Poltergeist' with the "nails on chalk board" voice hypnotizes her wimpy son into cutting out people's eyes. I don't know why and I don't care. When the film begins to influence the audience in the theater, I lost it. In complete 'Anguish' I turned this stinker off. Please don't mistake this for anything but a waste of film. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED." But wait, another Netflixer begs to differ: "You are not a true horror fan unless you've seen this movie." Color me embarrassed.

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  • Keith Uhlich | June 19, 2009 8:10 AMReply

    Bigas Luna = Huge Butt Moon?

    There's a prank in here somewhere…gotta be.