Poster of the Week

by robbiefreeling
May 20, 2005 1:33 AM
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We ALL remember this one, don't we? Don't we? Do we? Well, I sure as hell do. High-schooler and aspiring journalist Terri Griffiths (the criminally underrated and climactically de-robed Joyce Hyser) poses as a boy in order to win the schoolwide essay contest. Mild hilarity ensues. Hyser showed up only one more time before my eyes, in 1994's Michael J. Fox-Kirk Douglas dream-pairing "Greedy," but even her brief appearance sent me into paroxysms of glee. An easy shortcut was to call it a pubescent Tootsie; I'd argue it's more like an Eighties Woman of the Year, with Hyser a fine Hepburn substitute. Not to mention the always-reliable Clayton "The Relic" Rohner, as Hyser's dorky crush Rick Morehouse, perhaps even improving upon the Spencer Tracy template of sensual clumsiness. Coming soon: an appreciation of the recurrent Teutonic villain of Eighties High School films, William Zabka, here at his most fibrous.