The Final Nail in the Coffin: Putting '08 to Bed

by robbiefreeling
January 21, 2009 6:12 AM
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. . . and on to better things.

But first:

The Good, the, Bad, the Ugly, and the End of It All. Say goodbye to 2008 with the annual Reverse Shot "ceremony," which awards filmmaking in all its permutations and mutilations. Among those fĂȘted this year include Zhang Yimou, Rosario Dawson, Jacques Rivette, the Wachowskis, M. Night Shy, Baleful Christian, Nazis, Spike Lee, Natalie Portman, and Samantha Morton. If you're sick to death of 2008 already, don't say we didn't warn you.

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  • Karina | January 24, 2009 12:33 AMReply

    I didn't see anywhere to leave comments on the actual post, but Joshua Safdie directed "The Pleasure of Being Robbed," not "Joshua Safran." But yeah, young filmmakers DO like to masturbate!