Reverse Shot Presents- The 80 Sweetest Guitar Solos of All Time

by filmenthusiast2000
October 27, 2005 10:18 AM
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80- Joe Jack Talcum- The Dead Milkmen "Punk Rock Girl"
79- Eddie Van Halen- Van Halen “Mean Streets”
78- Johnny Ramone- The Ramones "I Wanna be Sedated'
77-Slash- Guns n' Roses “November Rain”
76- Nancy Wilson- Heart "Barracuda"
75- Wayne Kramer- MC5 "Rocket Reducer No.62”
74- Lou Reed- The Velvet Undergound "Rock 'n' Roll"
73- Johnny Greenwood- Radiohead “Street Spirit”
72- Ace Frehley- Kiss "Love Gun"
71- John Echols- Love “No Matter What You Do”
70- Bob Mould- Husker Du "Reoccurring Dreams"
69- Scotty Moore- w/ Elvis Presley "Mystery Train"
68- Steve Diggle- The Buzzcocks "Lipstick"
67- Robert Quine- Richard Hell and the Voidoids “Downtown at Dawn”
66- Jonathan Richman "Pablo Picasso"
65- Eddie Van Halen- Van Halen “Eruption”
64- Rikk Agnew- The Adolescents "OC Life"
63- Eric Randall- Steely Dan "Reelin in the Years"
62- Doug Marsch- Built to Spill “Carry the Zero”
61- Billy Gibbons- ZZ Top "La Grange"
60- Kirk Hammett- Metallica “One”
59- Angus Young- AC/DC "If You Want Blood"
58- Johnny Marr- The Smiths “Shoplifters of the World”
57- Richie Blackmore- Rainbow “Catch the Rainbow”
56- Rick Neilsen- Cheap Trick "I Want You to Want Me"
55- J. Mascis- Dinosaur Jr. "What Else is New?"
54- Dean Parks- Steely Dan “Haitian Divorce”
53- Richie Blackmore- Deep Purple "Highway Star"
52- Robert Smith- The Cure “Untitled”
51- Edgar Froese- Tangerine Dreams "Ashes To Ashes
50- J. Spaceman- Spacemen 3 "Come Down Softly To My Soul"
49- George Harrison- The Beatles "Let it Be"
48- J. Mascis- Dinosaur Jr. “Get Me”
47- Doug Gillard- Guided by Voices “Tight Globes”
46- Tom Herman- Pere Ubu "Street Waves"
45- Robbie Robertson- w/ Bob Dylan "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat"
44- Bob Mothersbaugh- Devo “Smart Patrol”
43- Mick Ronson- David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust"
42- Josh Homme- Queens of the Stone Age "You Got a Killer Scene There Man"
41- Neil Young- “Cowboy in the Sand”
40- Richie Castellano- Blue Oyster Cult “Godzilla”
39- Chris Bell “I Am the Cosmos”
38- Tommy Iommi- Black Sabbath “Children of the Grave”
37- Pete Laughner- Rocket from the Tombs "Ain't it Fun"
36- Richard Lloyd/ Tom Verlaine- Television “Marquee Moon”
35- Roy Wood- The Move "The Last Thing on my Mind"
34- Kim Thayl- Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun”
33- Duane Askalan- w/ Roky Erickson “A Cold Night for Alligators”
32- Dave Murray- Iron Maiden "The Clairvoyant"
31- Christopher Guest/ Nigel Tufnel- Spinal Tap "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You"
30- Mike Campbell- w/ Tom Petty “The Waiting”
29- Brian Howe- Yes “Starship Trooper”
28- Robert Fripp- w/ Brian Eno "Baby's on Fire"
27- Chris Brokaw- Come "Saints Around My Neck"
26- Adrian Belew- King Crimson "Elephant Talk"
25- Robert Quine- w/ Lou Reed “Waves of Fear”
24- Robert Quine- Richard Hell & the Voidoids “Kid with the Replaceable Head”
23- Poison Ivy- The Cramps "Human Fly"
22- Slash- Guns n' Roses “Sweet Child o' Mine”
21- Robbie Krieger- The Doors "Peace Frog"
20- Tommy Iommi- Black Sabbath "Symptoms of the Universe"
19- Marc Bolan- T.Rex "Ballrooms Of Mars"
18- Frank Zappa- “Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace”
17- Bembeya Diabaté "Sara 70"
16- Robert Quine- Richard Hell and the Voidoids "I'm Your Man"
15- Jim McGuinn- The Byrds “8 Miles High”
14- Lou Reed- The Velvet Underground “I Heard Her Call My Name”
13- Eric Clapton- Cream "I Feel Free"
12- Brian James- The Damned "Neat, Neat, Neat"
11- Keith Hudson "Michael Talbot Affair"
10- Marc Ribot- w/ Tom Waits “Clap Hands”
9- Brian May- Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”
8- Brian May- Queen “Killer Queen”
7- Michael Schenker- "Doctor Doctor"
6- Paul Webb- Talk Talk "After the Flood"
5- James Williamson “Search and Destroy”
4- Jimi Hendrix "Machine Gun"
3- Duane Aslaksen- w/ Roky Erikson “I Think of Demons”
2- Prince "Let's Go Crazy"
1- Robert Fripp- w/ Brian Eno “St. Elmo's Fire”

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  • chris | March 29, 2006 12:47 AMReply

    The inclusion of any Duane Aslaksen is very heartening!!

    Great list!

  • jeffrey allen | October 30, 2005 6:01 AMReply

    No "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd? No "Carry That Weight/End" by the Beatles? You've got to be kidding.

  • brotherfromanother | October 29, 2005 6:32 AMReply

    seriously, how could you leave Peach off the fruit list?

  • clarencecarter | October 28, 2005 7:09 AMReply

    I know, I know - I was invited to contribute and all I could come up with was Husker Du, but we need to make space for Eddie Hazel on "Maggot Brain"

  • johnharden | October 28, 2005 6:18 AMReply

    Some good choices. For Adrian Belew I think I would have picked Talking Heads "The Great Curve"... or "Boys Keep Swinging" by Bowie... or maybe "The Sheltering Sky" by King Crimson. Missing from the list: "Candy-O" by the Cars (perfect, succinct) and "Here Come Cowboys" by the Psych Furs (angular, frustrated). And where's David Gilmour?!

  • STV | October 28, 2005 4:22 AMReply

    There's this band called Silkworm, whose guitarist Andy Cohen has at least three solos that land anywhere on this list. If you put a gun to my head, I'd always go for "Grotto of Miracles," although "LR42" and "Sheep Wait For Wolf" (and "Slow Hands," if I can cheat one more in) could stand up to the best of guys like Robert Quine and Richard Lloyd.

    Nice to see Talcum represented, although his backwards work on "Dollar Signs in her Eyes" deserves mention.

    But no Ron Asheton circa Fun House? No Stevie Ray Vaughan circa anything? Let's try this again.