Weekly NY Times Title Game #5

By clarencecarter | REVERSEBLOG: the reverse shot blog May 27, 2005 at 12:15PM

Weekly NY Times Title Game #5

A bit of a disappointment this week, but it must be done:

1. Escaping New York for a Real Jungle
2. A Cruel Choice for a Priest Manipulated by the Nazis
3. A Remake Files Down the Sharp Edges of a Prison Football Saga
4. Juggling Her Chinese Clan, Gay Lover, Pregnant Mom
5. A Band With the Courage of Its 'Insane' Convictions
6. An (Illegal) Artist Determined to Make His Presence Known
7. Bowling Strikes and Spares, While the Fans Drift Away

1. A League of Ordinary Gentlemen
2. The Ninth Day
3. Saving Face
4. Madgascar
5. The Yongest Yard
6. Fearless Freaks
7. Bomb the System

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