Western Civilization Finally Bottoms Out

by filmenthusiast2000
May 19, 2006 4:15 AM
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Oh, cool, it's sailor cap-wearing douchebag Bono, backed by the ever-risible Arcade Fire (have so many musicians ever sounded quite so thin?), covering "Love Will Tear Us Apart"!

Can't wait to hear dude's insights on Leonard Cohen at Film Forum! Bono, truly you are rock's great ambassador; now get right to work on covering Ian Curtis' finale!

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  • robbiefreeling | May 19, 2006 6:03 AMReply

    You should be thanking Bono for every minute you live on this Earth, because only Bono will save you. Get used to it.

  • Black Caesar | May 19, 2006 5:28 AMReply

    Yeah, man. Rip apart the subtle mic stylings of someone's cameraphone as compressed into a YouTube clip. Why doesn't it sound like a Super Audio CD? WHY!!?? Do a search for puppies getting thrown out of cars and maybe that'll bring a little joy into your otherwise dour and hate-filled existence.