Trailer For Mob Thriller 'One In The Chamber' Starring Cuba Gooding Jr. (On DVD/Blu-Ray Aug 21)

by Vanessa Martinez
June 29, 2012 9:50 AM
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We announced Cuba Gooding Jr.'s involvement in this Mob/Assasin action-thriller a little less than a year ago.

Directed by Will Kaufman (who also directed Gooding Jr in The Hit List) and set for a DVD/Blu-Ray release this August 21st, One In The Chamber also stars Dolph Lundgren and Claudia Bassols. Set in Prague, Gooding stars as an assassin hired by the Mafia to work for a gang he once tried to annihilate. Lundgren stars as another assassin hired to take on Carver (Gooding's character).

I'm sure there's a lot of guns, car chases, explosions and even some martial arts to get your testosterone pumping!


In Prague, two skilled assassins make themselves available for hire to the Mafia. However, when one assassin, Carver (Gooding) takes a job with a gang he was once hired to eliminate, it launches into an all-out mob war where survival is about as certain as the number of bullets left in the clip. To make things worse, another assassin (Lundgren) has been hired to take out Carver and the result will make the streets run red. As Carver battles with his inner demons as well as his very real enemies, One in the Chamber doesn’t let up until the very last man goes down. 

Here's the trailer; underneath you'll find several stills and a poster:

cuba gooding jr with dolph lundgren in one in the chamber movie 2012

dolph lundgren chats up cuba gooding for one in the chamber movie

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1 Comment

  • Africameleon | June 29, 2012 2:53 PMReply

    Cuba is the best "straight to DVD" actor out there. He's extremely under rated as an actor.

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