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'20 Years Were Taken From Me' - Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Gets Some New Poster Art

by Tambay A. Obenson
October 9, 2013 11:43 AM
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I wouldn't be surprised if some take issue with the use of some of the images you see in this new poster artwork below, used to market Spike Lee's Oldboy, which FilmDistrict, the film's distributor (which will soon be swallowed up by Universal) just sent out to the press - the 9/11 photos especially.

Obviously, the intent here is to show a few of the momentous events the film's lead character, Joe Doucett, missed while in captivity (20 long years), including the year 2000, O.J. Simpson's trial and acquittal, and Bill Clinton's controversy-filled presidency.

Despite that explanation, given that we live in very sensitive times, some might not particularly care for the use of the horrific 9/11 images in the marketing of a film that has nothing to do with the terrorist tragedy.

Or maybe not... I could be wrong.

Spike Lee's Oldboy stars Josh Brolin, Sharlto CopleyElizabeth Olsen, and Samuel L. Jackson, and is set to open on November 27. I'm certainly anxious to see what Spike has done with the material!

Spike Lee directed the film from a script penned by Mark Protosevich, who is also co-producing, along with Roy LeeDoug Davison and Nathan Kahane of Good Universe.

Here's the full new poster art. Be sure to click on it, because something awaits you on the other side of its link:

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  • Monique A Williams | October 10, 2013 10:52 AMReply

    I don't find the imagery offensive or inflammatory. It is in line with what the film is about. This is one Spike Lee Joint that I am confident in!

  • Daryl | October 9, 2013 2:56 PMReply

    This is my the film I have been waiting to see this year. I also want to see what Spike Lee does with the film. I think it will be a top 5 film of the year. From the images and trailer I see Spike Lee is going to insert the political aspects of a Spike Lee film and he is not going to water the film down to please the audience who love popcorn films.

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