A snippette from the much longer press release (which is in French, meaning I had to put my translation skills to work - thanks to Google)...

The Deauville American Film Festival in France continues its work rediscovering the legacy of American cinema by hosting this great filmmaker. Melvin Van Peebles has almost always worked outside the traditional circuit of American studios. And yet, he is recognized today as one of the most important filmmakers in the history of American cinema, and has influenced and paved the way for a generation. 

Today the Deauville American Film Festival is honored to host an elusive, unclassifiable man.

Joining Melvin will be director William Friedkin (The French Connection and more), who will also be feted with a career homage, as the festival takes what looks like a nostalgic look at US film industry history.

Attendees can expect screenings of each filmmakers' works, along with some pomp and circumstance. 

The Deauville American Film Festival is a yearly film festival devoted to American cinema, taking place in Deauville, France. It was born in 1975.

Well deserved Mr Van Peebles.