Englewood Film Festival

We have, a few times before, profiled Chicago-based indie filmmaker Mark Harris, on his films and his efforts to establish the Englewood International Film Festival in his city.

You don’t have to live in Chicago to know that the Englewood neighborhood doesn’t have the greatest reputation. But Harris, who was born and still lives the area, says that the public is getting just a small part of the story.

He’s determined to prove that no one “can overshadow the hope for the future of this Chicago area.” And that his ultimate goal is to “present a brighter side of the area to the city, media, entertainment industry and the world. The goal of the panels, films, and overall event is this: To change the imaging and condition of the people in Englewood.

As a result, Harris, along with Honee Earth LLC, is getting ready to start up the 3rd annual Englewood international Film Festival which has previuosly shown films from the US, UK, and Africa and they are currently soliciting submissions for this year’s festival.

For more details on submissions go HERE.

Check out the video below about this year’s festival: