Nine Muses

2 - The Nine Muses, from award-winning Ghanaian-born Brit director, John Akomfrah, is now more accessible than ever before!

The experimental film, a past S&A highlight, is an allegorical fable divided into overlapping musical chapters, and retells the history of mass migration to post-war Britain through the suggestive lens of Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey.

A little background on Akomfrah for those unaware (although his name has come up many times on this blog, most recently for his latest work, The Stuart Hall Project) - originally from Accra, Ghana, Akomfrah moved to the UK as a child. He studied art and sociology in college. At 28, he made his seminal film, Handsworth (1986), about racial and civil strife of 1980s Britain, and has since made 16+ other films, including Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1993), Martin Luther King: Days of Hope (1997) and The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong (1999).

In 1982, he co-founded the Black Audio Film Collective, with the objectives of addressing issues of Black British identity.

If you've never seen a John Akomfrah film, consider this your introduction: