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5 Netflix Streaming Titles You May Not Know Are Available & May Want To Check Out (10/18/13)

by Tambay A. Obenson
October 18, 2013 4:57 PM
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5 - A show that maybe should've received more press than it did, given that, when it was on the air (pre-Scandal on ABC), it was one of very few shows (if not the only TV show) at the time that featured a black woman as its central character. 

This was 3 long years before Olivia Pope's name entered into public consciousness. But I don't recall there being as much of a splash for it, as there was for the latter. Although I should note that while Scandal airs on broadcast network TV, HawthoRNe was a cable TV series, on TNT, meaning its audience wasn't quite as large (this season's premiere episode of Scandal drew over 10 million viewers. At its peak, HawthoRNe attracted 3.8 million.

And I'm sure some would argue that it just wasn't a very good show. I wouldn't know though, because I never kept up with the series. I did tune in during the first season, for a few episodes, but it didn't hold my attention, and wasn't engaging enough for me to continue to return. In the history of TV, medical dramas are plentiful, and so, there has to be something that makes any new one really standout.

The medical drama, which wasn't all-that well received by critics, would eventually be canceled 2 years later, in 2011. Scandal would premiere in the spring of 2012.

But if you missed the TNT series, which starred Jada Pinkett Smith as a single mom, and the director of nursing at a southern hospital, all of its 3 seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. I actually think I'll revisit it myself, and watch all 3 seasons in the future.

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  • CareyCarey | October 25, 2013 4:57 PMReply

    The Nine Muses... what can I say? Well, for starters.... HEEEELLLLLP!!! 1 English speaking interpretor wanted.

    Are you kidding me, Homer, Shakespeare, Dante, Nietzsche and Emily Dickinson readings were the most prominent voices in this entire movie. Okay, I suppose that's not a bad thing, this is the nine "MUSES"... DUH... but for me, I had to duck because much of it was flying over my head.

    But I hung in there. Waiting patiently for something to grab me, my feet and hands started turning ice cold from watching scene after scene of cold snow-topped mountains in the background of an ice covered fog laden sea. Scene after scene of desolate factories adjacent to dreary row houses did not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling either, neither did the foreboding music; mourning tubas and crying violins.

    But I suppose if one is a super duper "I go crazy" over camera angles, brilliant color images juxtaposed with black and white stills and slow motion action, this movie is a grand affair. Oh, while watching this film and thinking about cutting my wrist, Paul Robeson and Leontyne Price almost pushed me over the edge. I mean, when Robeson started singing "Let My People Go" and Price followed with "Motherless Child" I knew I needed a glass of Kool-Aid to shake me from my depressive state, but I hung in there.

    But now I have to do a little research. Well, as I said, this film was a poetic adventure on an epic scale. So now I have to find out what the hell they were talking about. I mean, for instance, how many daughter did Zeus have? And who is this guy who was suppose to kill his father so he could marry his mother? And please, somebody has to tell me who IS this guy in his mother's womb. I mean, the narrator must have said it 20 times "I AM IN MY MOTHER'S WOMB". I was like, "dude, it's time for you to stop talking and get out of there". But I made it to the end of the film.

  • Man-Over-Bored | October 25, 2013 2:16 PMReply

    Sorry about those multiple posts -- obviously a malfunction (I wasn't trying to over-stress my comment or anything).

  • YOUR TV STEALER | October 19, 2013 3:59 PMReply

    Hawthrone was cool...but she was no Olivia.

    She cheated on Tom...and I can't remember who else was on the show. It was cool while it lasted.

  • deecreative | October 18, 2013 9:08 PMReply

    Def gonna check 'The Nine Muses' I would really like to see the French movie 'Elza' and the movie Alaskaland online

  • Lola | October 18, 2013 8:53 PMReply

    I loved "I Will Follow". I will definitely watch again.

  • TashMoney | October 18, 2013 6:55 PMReply

    thanks for this. it's hard to stay up on everything that's on netflix and I badly want to see A Band Called Death and The Nine Muses.

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