Blood And Bone

3 - Blood And Bone. - I remember when I first decided to check this out years ago; I went into it not expecting very much at all. But I watched it, and was pleasantly surprised. It's actually not bad at all. Maybe even a little under-rated. 

It's a genre film; action-packed (just look at the title) B-movie, and doesn't try to be anything more than what it is. But it's well-made.

Its star, Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White, the muscle-bound, martial arts pro (and the rest of the starring cast), helps elevate the material.

Mr White kicks ass, and more ass, and more ass, and never smiles, nor blinks! He's the ultimate bad-ass, and fun to watch!

Of course, there is a story there; in short, an ex-convict named Isaiah Bone (played by White) falls into a mob-controlled street fighting ring in the back alleys of Los Angeles, in order to keep a promise to a dead friend.

It co-stars Nona Gaye (looking, sounding and acting uncannily like a younger Angela Bassett) as the supposed love interest, but not really; Brit Eamonn Walker as a sword-wielding villainous kingpin, and a cadre of other players. 

It's predictable and cliche-filled, but, entertaining. Like I said, it knows exactly what it is, and doesn't try to be anything more, or less. It's one setup after another, with each usually ending with a fight sequence, involving Jai White, leading up to the inevitable final showdown that you can see coming a mile away. But, oddly enough, you still anticipate it.

This was director Ben Ramsey's 2nd feature film; he's African American, by the way; He previously directed Love And A bullet, which starred Treach from rap group Naughty By Nature. He also executive produced Dennis Dortch's A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy.

And one final note, before Steven Soderbergh put her in Haywire, Gina Carano did some acting, and fighting in Blood And Bone.