The Skinny

4 - Before you see his latest film, Blackbird (his 5th feature, starring newcomer Julian Walker, Isaiah Washington and Mo'Nique), which premiered the Pan African Film Festival in LA last month, check out the third feature film from Patrik-Ian Polk, director of indie films Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom and Punks (a film described as a male Waiting To Exhale that garnered a 2002 Independent Spirit Award nomination), and creator of the Noah's Arc series for the Logo network.

The Skinny tells the story of a group of four young, black, gay men who arrange to meet up in New York City one year after their graduation from Brown University. Their plans for a weekend of fun start off well, relaxed in each other’s company, as only old friends can be. But, as you might expect, old tensions quickly resurface.

The project also features original music written and performed by Polk.

With The Skinny, which was released theatrically in 2012, Polk strives to address issues facing the LGBT community, including date-rape, infidelity, and HIV/AIDS awareness. For the film's release, he also partnered with the Black AIDS Institute to promote the importance of health in the LGBT community. The Institute sponsored appearances, receptions and panel discussions in cities where the film screened.

It later premiered on the Logo Network.