sugarhill gang

5. And finally, I Want My Name Back, directed by Roger Paradiso, centers on Master Gee Wonder Mike of the ORIGINAL Sugarhill Gang who, 30+ years after the historic recording of their iconic mega-hit Rapper’s Delight, have come back to reclaim their identities and rightful place in Hip Hop history.

Described by the subjects as the "classic label versus artist battle" story, the film is said to give the audience an honest inside look at the origins, trials and tribulations of the original Sugarhill Gang.

Longer description:

This is the unfiltered, unbelievable and unheard story of the originators of Hip Hop - Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank and Master Gee - the one and only, Sugarhill Gang! From a pizza shop in Harlem to performing on the biggest stage in the world, these young MCs seemed to be on the road to endless fame and fortune in the early 80s. But, they would soon find out that they would be taken for a ride by an unscrupulous record company, stealing their money and their name. Much like last year’s Academy Award® winning documentary Searching for Sugarman, here is a film that goes behind the music and reveals the realities of what happens after the gold records and the hype are gone. I Want My Name Back is the journey of two men who want what was taken from them: their names, their legacy and their music!

It premiered at the 18th Slamdance Film Festival in January this year, and soon after One Village Entertainment, an entity of Robert Johnson's RLJ Entertainment, picked it up and released the film on DVD and digital download, last month. 

It's not streaming on Netflix as well.

Trailer below: